Whitefish Point Light andThe Gales of November

I love lighthouses. I love their beauty, their individual personalities, and the great stories that go with them.

My favorite lighthouse, and actually my favorite place on Earth, is Whitefish Point. Just 15 miles north of Whitefish Point, down deep in Lake Superior lies the Edmund Fitzgerald, which was memorialized in the song “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald“. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at the lighthouse is one of the best lighthouse museums I’ve found. They show an excellent video that provides details of the sinking of the great freighter and the ultimate raising of her bell which is housed in another of the museums buildings. They detail many of the shipwrecks from the area as well as giving information about the Lifeboat Rescue.

There is also a snack bar that sells the Upper Peninsula specialty, the “pasty”. Although you can probably find a better pasty, I’m not sure anything will taste better than one that is eaten while sitting on a log, on the beach, watching the freighters pass by on Lake Superior.

The view from the beach at Whitefish Point is wonderful, day or night. I’ve never been there that there wasn’t at least one freighter passing by.

The lighthouse itself is just beautiful, especially now that it has been through additional restoration of the tower. I am hoping to climb the tower later this year.

There is also a restored crews quarters that you can stay in. My husband and I did this a few years ago and we had the greatest time. Once the museum has closed and everyone is gone, it becomes so quiet, dark, and peaceful. I believe there was one other couple staying while we were there because we passed them in the morning, but other than that we didn’t know. We walked on the beach after the sun went down. We sat there for a long while watching the lake and stars. An occasional freighter passed and we could see lights from a bridge way in the distance. As we were sitting there in the darkness a fox came up on us. The rooms in the crews quarters are small but have private baths and you just can’t beat the view. We awoke in the morning to sunrise over Lake Superior and the lighthouse. We had breakfast in the common kitchen area and wandered around the lighthouse grounds before the museum opened.

I visit Whitefish Point every time I go to the UP. I took my Mom there a couple of years ago just to show her this place that has captured my heart. While I’m fairly certain she wasn’t drawn the way I am, she felt that same sense of peace and beauty.

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